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Patanjali Yoga Peeth

Founder Guru: Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
“Unique value addition that Patanjali Yogpeeth has provided to Yoga is its democratization. The erstwhile leisure of the classes is now lifestyle of the masses."

PYP(T) is a socio-spiritual organization, which rejuvenated Yoga as a way of life, globally. It is a people's movement spanning 20 years with Yoga as its central theme. Spearheading PYP and Patanjali Yoga Samitis , Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj & Vaidyaraj Pujya Acharya Balkrishna Ji have integrated 8 limbs of Yoga-Pranayama to propel this holistic programme. PYP has imparted  Deeksha (training) to 200 million people across the world. This has been possible through more than 2 Lac mega & small yoga training camps under the guidance of Pujya Swami Ji and 2 Lac trained Yoga teacher during his 2 million KMs of travel.

PYP has established Yoga not only as a medicinal therapy, but as an amalgamation of Yoga, Ayurveda, Swadeshi (indigene) education and a village model of economically self-reliant system (Adarsh Gram). PYP is the first organization to integrate the physical, spiritual, social, economic and global aspects of Yoga. It has not only created awareness and taken Yoga to every drawing room, but has also done extensive scientific sample-based research on yoga & Pranayama. 

Pujya Swami ji was honored with an invitation from UN Secretary General in June, 2007, to call on people of the world to eliminate poverty under Stand-Up Programme in New York. He was felicitated by Nassau County - New York, the Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey, and in the house of Commons of British Parliament. He is recently appointed as honorary Brand Ambassador of Yoga & Ayurveda by the Government of Haryana state, India. Pujya Swamiji’s addresses at M.D. Andersan Cancer Center, Texas, USA; Victoria parliament in Australia and The Art Institute, Chicago have inspired many for yoga & Indian culture.

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